Understanding the web and how things fuction inside the web will place you in a vantage position.
To Zero in on geting any information you desire from the web let me quickly give you a vital information.
The backbone of the World Wide Web are its files, called pages or Web pages, containing information and links to resources - both text and multimedia - throughout the Internet.
Web pages can be created by user activity. For example, if you visit a Web search engine like the one on this page "ASK DANGOTE" and enter keywords on the topic of your choice, a page will be created containing the results of your search. In fact, a growing amount of information found on the Web today is served from databases, creating temporary Web pages "on the fly" in response to user searches. For instance type in any question or your desires including mathematical equation on "ASK DANGOTE" box in this web page and you will be amazed at the result. "ASK DANGOTE" answers all and surpass your questions.